ITF Certified Tennis Court Construction Service In India

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Choosing the right sports surface is not a simple matter. Different surfaces require different amounts of upkeep. Some are easier on the joints. Others are better for family sports areas. Our tennis court surfaces offer a huge range from the pace of a championship court, to acrylic, vinyl and artificial turf Whatever sports surface you require, we have the product to suit. What's more, we take the time to understand your requirements so that we can tailor the end result closely to your needs.

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  • Our tennis court construction service is available throughout India:
The hard court surface can be adjusted to play slow, medium or fast, depending on the amount of sand aggregate and the aggregate mesh size that is added to the acrylic paint layers (ITF Pace Rating). Cushioned hard courts are another surface option that adds resiliency to the surface (similar to the Australian Open). Multiple layers of rubber granules are installed on the court prior to the final acrylic color system. This produces a softer surface and makes playing on a hard court easier on the body.
  • Durabolt Standard is a 5 layer acrylic product with a thickness of upto 2 mm
  • Durbolt Cushion comes in 7 to 9 layer acrylic product with a thickness of upto 3 mm