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Ebaco offers the entire range of athletic tracks including the full PUR, the sandwich and the spray system. As discussed in previous sections, customers can also purchase epdm and acrylic running paths from us. Our tracks are made in Europe as quality is highly important for such an area where athletes will be running at full speed on the surface. We also offer a turnkey solution including the sub base as well to provide the customer with a quality vertically integrated solution. Our products have been used by the Jamaican athletic team including Usain Bolt.

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Ebaco offers 5 different type of track systems. Our product comes from Germany and is of high quality. Our factory has done installations for Olympic stadiums, as well as the Jamaican running team the top running team in the world. Usain bolt the best long distance runner in the world has specifically said that he loves running on our track system!
  • Full PUR system: High end systems meant for international and national level projects
  • Sandwich system: High end system which can also be used for private sector projects
  • Spray system: Primarily used in private sector projects
  • Acrylic: This is a simple system that is meant for non spike type of running and where budgets are tight
  • Rubber flooring: Rubber rolls or insitu rubber can be installed for simple track systems-sub floor construction is especially critical for the rubber roll product
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  • Technical Specifications
  • European made with warranties over 5 years according to Product System
  • Systems are made up of a combination of high quality PU, SBR granules, and EPDM granules to create a high quality system
  • Approved by IAAF
  • Our companies have done track systems that are one star and two star IAAF approved tracks including some that have been used for the Olympic games
  • Passes all EN 14877 and DIN standards
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  • European made, high quality and tested in arenas such as Olympic stadiums
  • Ebaco offers turnkey solutions for athletic tracks to ensure quality is controlled by one source
  • Internationally certified products with high consistency of quality
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  • Recommended Areas of Usage
  • Athletic tracks for international level competitions
  • Athletic tracks for education institutes
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