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Ebaco offers wooden flooring for sporting purposes. Wooden flooring is considered to be the highest indoor sports flooring available and obviously more expensive than any other product offered for indoor sports. It is a complex product however and has to be installed and maintained properly.

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Ebaco offers sports wooden floors from the US which are certified by all major agencies. Multiple constructions are possible depending on the ultimate requirement of the customer. Our flooring is made from maple wood which is the best wood to use for indoor sports due to its strength and durability and reasonable price point. Wooden floorings are perfect for installations where there will be a lot of wear and tear and weight put on the floor will be high. We offer the following products.
  • squash flooring and squash courts overall
  • multi-purpose floors for basketball and other sports
  • badminton
  • stages
  • professional dance
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  • Technical Specifications
Ebaco sports wooden flooring product has been tested for all sports flooring characteristics under EN norms and passes all criteria for things such as ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation, abrasion resistance and others. Technical specifications are as follows
  • Our floors are all maple wood-different grades are available.
  • High quality rubber pads are used to ensure maximum quality and comfort.
  • Sleepers are imported from the US.
  • Thickness we offer are: 77 MM & 89 MM
  • Different constructions are available with or without plywood sheets. Different top thickness and construction are also possible.
  • Our products are all termite treated
  • The product is also covered with a high quality lacquer to ensure maximum durability
  • Our squash courts can be constructed as per international squash federation standards.
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  • Advantages
  • Multiple product specifications are available
  • Our products are certified guaranteeing good quality
  • Multiple installations have been done in India
  • Internationally certified product by BWF and FIBA which means superior playing characteristics and longer warranties
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  • Recommended Areas of Usage
  • Squash
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Badminton
  • Stages
  • Gyms
Wooden floorings should not be used in areas which could have moisture problems over time. Also if the area is known to be termite prone, it is best to avoid installing the floor as well unless the problem has been dealt with
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