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Ebaco vinyl strip is a multi purpose floor that provides a wooden look and finish but has the advantages of vinyl. In a country like India, where water/termites and maintenance can be a problem, the flexibility and characteristics of this product provide you with a huge advantage. The product can be used in both sports and non sports areas.

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  • Ebaco offers a 3 MM thick vinyl plank with a 0.3 mm wear layer which we stock on a continuous basis. The product comes in multiple wooden shades, and has a warranty of 1 years.
  • Furthermore, on a project basis, we offer thicker wear layers of 0.5 MM, and 0.7 MM which are even better for high abrasion areas. Any type of shade is available and a warranty of 7 years can be offered.
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  • Technical Specifications
  • Thickness of 3 MM and wear layer thickness of 0.3 MM
  • Wearclass: T (the highest) and highly abrasion resistant
  • PUR surface is provided
  • Warranty: 1 years
  • EN norms are all met
  • All products are recyclable and meet environmental standards under ISO 14001-2004
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  • Advantages
  • High quality wear layer and PUR coating create a surface that can last a long time
  • As the product is a strip, it is much easier to fix any damage on a strip by removing it, as compared to a roll
  • Has better acoustical properties than wooden laminates
  • No problems with termites or generally speaking with water compared to wooden laminates
  • Easy to install
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  • Recommended Areas of Usage
  • Billiards and TT rooms
  • Sports areas where budget is highly critical
  • Non sports areas such as schools, office areas, and hospitality
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