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Ebaco rubber flooring is a tough rubber roll product, which is available in multiple thicknesses and is imported. We also offer rubber tiles as well. Ebaco currently stocks the 8 MM rubber roll product in India. Our rubber flooring is tough and acoustically sound and perfectly meant for those tough areas that can take a lot of abuse. We suggest using the product especially in areas where weights are being used or heavy machines are being used.

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We offer the following products for your sports requirements:
  • Rubber rolls from 4 to 12 MM thickness-this product comes in mixtures of colored or black rubber. It can be used anywhere in gyms or multiple other requirements such as indoor running tracks. This product is being used by the best quality gyms in the world including gold’s gym, fitness first, easy gym and many others.
  • Rubber tiles in 27 or 43 MM thickness for weightlifting areas. These products are meant for high end weightlifting areas where people will be lifting heavy weights.
  • Rubber tiles-interlocking for gyms or other requirements. Size of tiles is normally 10-16 MM thick. Again multiple colors and black shades are available in this product.
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  • Technical Specifications
  • Both German and Asian products are available
  • Warranty of up to 5 years according to the product and thickness
  • Our product come in both roll and tile format and in different thicknesses
  • Our product passes all DIN/EN norms.
  • Our product meets the highest standards in tensile strength, elongation at break, tear resistance, coefficient of friction, and residual indentation
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  • Advantages
  • Imported product with long lasting technical details
  • No color variation, and neater aesthetic appearance
  • Quicker installation and fewer joints
  • Product is denser than locally manufactured products
  • Multiple thickness are available
  • Has some acoustical properties dampening the noise from dropping heavy weights on it.
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  • Recommended Areas of Usage
  • Gyms besides areas such as yoga/meditation/dancing
  • Weightlifting areas
  • Indoor running tracks
  • Ice skating rinks
  • High traffic areas
  • Can be used in certain circumstances outdoors
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