At Ebaco, it is not just about making sure our customers are happy and that the company does well-we take our responsibilities as a company seriously-we believe that companies are not just there to make profits but are also there to contribute positively towards society. Given that we are involved in education and sports, areas which can provide so much value to people in any country, we try to give back so that everyone has a chance at a better life and a healthier life. In education, Ebaco has been able to donate furniture and floorings and digital infrastructure to different institutions for the poor and we are just getting started. The many underprivileged youth in our country deserve to have an opportunity to lift themselves up and we hope by donating some part of the infrastructure that this can happen easier. In sports, Ebaco believes in donating to the many NGOs that are trying to provide our underprivileged youth with a chance to feel dignity and respect by achieving something on any sports field-how many great athletes will never become great due to a lack of infrastructure and funding. We hope to make a difference in this area. If you believe that Ebaco can help you out, please do send us an email at baurc@ebaco.com.