The notion of career is changing across the world-in the past it was about working in large organizations with job security and climbing hierarchical systems: in India, most people defined a good career opportunity as one where they obtain a good title and where they have a large amount of people reporting to them. In a digital world where the pace of change is so much quicker and technological disruption is huge, every employee has to understand that first and foremost they should find companies with the right culture and companies that focus on skills development and training-every day is critical to learn and improve yourself-only by doing this can you ensure that you continue to have bright prospects as skill requirements constantly change. At Ebaco we believe strongly in providing both of these. Our culture is focused on youdeveloping your skills through mentoring and training,and anopen and collaborative team culture which allows you to learn from mistakes and improve rapidly. We don’t just work on specific functional skills such as sales or finance and accounts, but also focus on improving your team working and communication skills which are critical in the world we live in today. We are also performance oriented which results in us stretching your rubber band as much as possible, so that you are able to perform at high levels all the time. If you don’t push yourself and dream big, you can never accomplish great things.
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